Saturday, March 16, 2013

Start on youtube!

Youtube is an awesome thing to make use of your time.
Watch clips, listen to music or even  make your own videos.
But, what you I do? You ask.
Well everything!
  • You can create lyric videos for your favourite songs.
  • Write your own song
  • Make a parody of a song/video 
  • Make shortfilms
  • Lipsync to your favorite songs
  • Make a "how-to" video
  • Show where you live - like a house tour or a city tour 
  • Go to Randomthingstodo, choose something and videotape it.
  • Make makeup videos
  • Make Prank videos
  • Make a "random things to do" video
  • Make a cooking video
  • Make a tutorial of something you know how to do.
  • Dance video
  • Make fun of stupid commercials
  • Make impressions
  • Make like a theatre with puppets
  • Have puppets sing songs
  • Make a sketch
  • Play videogames
  • Do a vlog (video blog about your daily life or anything)
  • Make a tutorial about something weird like, - How to be ninja or something
  • Make your own talkshow
  • Make a commercial for something that doesn't exist, but you wish did.
  • Have a food fight
  • Prank call someone
  • Make an impression of a religion or continent
  • Invent something weird
  • Make a parody of a movie
  • Interview someone
  • Make an animated movie (you can use goanimate for this)
  • load up your funny homevideos.. 
  • Talk about how you feel about certain things
Question. - What do you choose? Do you have any faves? :-)
Good luck on YT.

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